SHC: The All-in-One App for Health Clubs

SHC: The All-in-One App for Health Clubs

If you are a full-service Health Club, you have a bunch of amenities,  – gym, group ex, tennis, pools, spa, personal training, even tennis and pickleball and more. And possibly you even have a bunch of apps to offer and manage all these amenities for your members. And very likely, you are frustrated at working with multiple apps and multiple vendors.

But, we promise something different. We help you supercharge your member experience and growth. With one App.

We present an all-in-one Member Engagement Software for full-service Health Clubs, and here in this blog, I will talk about how we deliver on our promise.

We have divided our solution in 3 parts: Base Platform, Fitness Solutions, and Wellness Solutions. 


The Base Platform gives you all your basics with minimum fuss and streamlined interfaces. Everything you need for a basic member App. With the Base Platform, you get:

1. Rich Calendar Functionality: Your Calendar is super important. It’s what your members want to see. The SHC Calendar is integrated across mobile, web and also individual trainers and departments. You can set up a separate calendar for each department, with date, time, and instructor. Provide additional details such as photos, videos, difficulty level, location, instructor bios and more. Members can easily add classes/sessions into their own personal calendar.

2. Custom Branded App: Make your App look like your Club. Highlight your focus areas and what you do best. SHC prides itself on having the highest level of customisable branding in the industry. Here’s everything you can make custom:

  • Icons and splash screen
  • Branded color palette for background, text and buttons
  • Branded fonts for headings and body text
  • Unique and consistent branding across mobile and web
  • Segment pages with media elements for all your services

3. Social Network: Form a community like a mini Facebook at your club. Search for friends and join interest groups. Share achievements and motivate others. Safely interact with other authenticated members. Send or schedule club updates about closures or upcoming events as posts and push notifications. Additionally, your trainers and dieticians can create private groups and become influencers.

4. Digital Marketing: Advertise and sell all your classes and amenities. Target messages based on member interest and demographics. Text, photo or video messages by email, post or push notifications. Schedule messages to be delivered in the future. Deep link your messages with relevant classes and services. Display banners to show your marketing messages.

5. Analytics and Dashboard: We don’t have to tell you how important data is. Get the right data and analytics effortlessly. Here are some examples:

  • How many total App downloads from Playstore or App Store?
  • How many Bookings per location?
  • How many daily App Launches?
  • How many Member Check-ins?
  • How many members attended a class?
  • How many no shows and waitlisted members for a class?
  • How many views for an On Demand Video? Which video is doing well and which isn’t?
  • How many participants for a Live Streaming Class?
  • How much should I pay my instructor?

6. Purchases : Imagine each and every single amenity that your club offers – from classes to trainers to non-dues. And now imagine monetizing all of that with an Purchases layer. So, monetise ALL your plans, services and offerings. Through our Purchases Platform,

  • Members can purchase fee-based classes and services, hire trainers, instructors and dieticians.
  • Facilitate differential pricing by number of sessions, volume, package, duration or membership tiers.
  • Set up payments through stripe or integrate sales seamlessly with your billing company.
  • Sell personalized fitness training plans and diet plans to clients.

You’ve got your basics right here. But what if you want something more? That’s where the rest of the Fitness and Wellness solutions come in.


1. Booking and Attendance : Ability to manage all your booking requirements – classes, spots, bikes, lanes, courts, waitlists, cancellations and more.

  • Members can book a spot or any other equipment in a fee-based or free class.
  • Waitlisted members receive a push notification when a spot opens.
  • Set up booking policies per department or class and limit the number of class bookings.
  • Club staff can book and mark attendance for members.
  • Integration with billing software like ABC Fitness, Jonas and Club Automation.
  • Preferential booking window and member access based on Membership tiers.

2. Instructor Substitution and Payroll: Ever had trouble finding a substitute? Reduce effort and manhours by finding instructor subs with a single button click. No emails, no calls – as simplified as possible.

  • Send substitution request to approved instructors only
  • Choose whether Department head approval is needed for substitute selection.
  • Calendar and Payroll automatically updated after instructor substitution.
  • See status of substitute request.

3. On Demand Video : Reach your members wherever they are and whenever they want – at home, at office, or while traveling – the perfect Netflix-like experience.

  • High quality video delivered to phone, tablet, TV or computer.
  • Single-click member experience.
  • Automatically convert Live streamed videos to On Demand.
  • All content protected behind a paywall.
  • Differential pricing for members and non-members

4. Live Streaming : The thing next best to a face-to-face class at the club is a live streamed class with your favorite instructor – with a simple set-up and minimum equipment.

  • Instructors can stream from any phone, webcam, live streaming or IP camera.
  • Single click member experience.
  • All content protected behind a paywall.
  • Differential pricing for members and non-members.

5. MOSSA and Les Mills On Demand Video: We give you access to some of the best fitness content on the planet. About 100 high quality On Demand videos refreshed quarterly available behind a paywall.

6. Tennis and Pickleball: Every Tennis Manager has dreamed of the day when their Club App would solve their specific problems. Manage your Tennis facilities through Smart Scheduling. Here’s everything you can do:

  • Members are able to book and pay for courts.
  • Members can find partners for either singles or doubles’ events and add up to 3 more people.
  • Payment method allows splitting of court fees among the partners.
  • Match Arranging – the software will notify everybody who has been invited to play using Push Notifications on the app.
  • One accepted, partners will be able to view their upcoming tennis match on the Home Page.


Rooted in our core principle of “Exercise is Medicine”, our Wellness Solutions will empower you to offer a complete and personalized set of offerings for every member.

1. Goals and Tracking: Your members will want to track their fitness and nutrition goals. And we do just that.

  • Members can set their current weight and other data.
  • Set and update Fitness Goals.
  • Enter actuals to track their exercise.
  • Enter actuals of the foods they consume.
  • Their instructor or coach has access to this information.

2. Hire a Trainer / Service: Reduce man hours and improve member experience by letting your members hire your trainers and services through our app. With just one click.

  • Members can hire a Trainer, Dietician, Tennis Pro or any service provider.
  • Service can be provided in-person at the club or virtually using 2 way video conferencing.
  • Trainers and other service providers can advertise all the services that they offer.
  • Members can view Trainer and Coach testimonials before hiring them.
  • Club staff or service providers can manage their own calendars.

3. Fitness Training: What if you could create personalized fitness training plans easily for your members using templates and exercise libraries?

  • Members purchase and follow personalized exercise plans.
  • Access to a robust library of over 2,000 exercises.
  • Exercise videos to help clients.
  • Trainers can monitor and motivate clients.
  • Members share achievements with their friends.

4. Nutrition Counseling: Your members will stay with you longer if you are more closely invested in their wellbeing. One way to do that is by offering personalized nutrition plans.

  • Members purchase and follow nutrition plan
  • Dieticians can monitor and motivate clients.
  • Grocery list for the nutrition plan is generated automatically.
  • Exchange a food of similar nutritional value.
  • Scan packaged food to easily log it

Summing Up

SHC is a Member Engagement Software providing a cohesive software solution for Health Clubs – all in ONE App. Our solution enables full-service Health Clubs to increase cash flow, reduce friction from member interactions and supercharge member experience.

About us

Smart Health Club’s all-in-one solution is built by a team of industry veterans from the tech, fitness, and health industries with the goal to deliver engagement to Health Clubs and to help them drive better member retention.

With a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Praveen Kashyap is the company’s CEO and CTO. He is an innovator and entrepreneur with extensive technology experience and holds around 15 US and International Patents.

Mike Alpert, the COO, the former Claremont Club President and CEO, has experience of 30 years in the fitness and health industry.

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