How GroupEx Directors Can Leverage Health Club Membership Software


How GroupEx Directors Can Leverage Health Club Membership Software

Did you know?

Over 40% of regular exercisers participate in group exercises.

That is because participation in group exercise results in a consistent and resilient workout. You get a feeling of being productive or having achieved something.

In fact, group exercise participants are 26% less likely to cancel memberships than gym-only members, according to Les Mills. People who feel engaged in their Group Ex class –

  • Attend more sessions
  • Arrive on time
  • Are less likely to drop out
  • Experience improved mental well being

This brings us to the question:

Why is GroupX the most important department for any Health Club?

GroupEx classes are where members get their first real taste of your Health Club’s culture, your team, and a chance to socialize with your existing members. Group sessions engage participants, build your community, create a fun, positive, and energizing experience for the member.

A report by Les Mills states that group exercisers who visit your club just once per week are 20% more likely to be loyal members (staying longer and referring friends) than those who visit 3 times per week and only work out on the gym floor.

Your members draw conclusions on how good your Club is, by evaluating how their Group Exercise experience feels. Having qualified instructors with great energy, your choice of music, how engaging their session feels and many other factors sum up this experience for your member.

A positive member experience will lead to higher renewals, more class bookings, an increase in non-dues, and high praise by word of mouth bringing about new referrals for your club.

Why is it important to have an app/software especially for a Group Ex Director/Department?

The Group Ex Director holds an important position in the Health Club. They are the face of the Group Exercise department at the Club, in charge of ensuring that every GroupEx session runs smoothly, making sure everyone participates and is satisfied, managing and interacting with the staff, overseeing instructor substitutes, and so on. If done manually, these tasks become time-consuming, inefficient, and boring. They kill productivity.

But, if you have software to help you, you’ll be able to automate many routine tasks, giving you the time and bandwidth to focus on important things.

Which SHC features enable a Group Ex Director to be more productive and efficient?

SHC has a variety of features for the GroupEx Director to increase their productivity and efficiency at the Health Club. We’ve got:

1. Rich Calendar Functionality

Your Clubs App will boast one of the most robust calendars in the industry where members will have easy access to information about your Group Exercise classes like Class Descriptions, Instructor Bios, Photos, Videos, Difficulty Level, No. Of Open Spots and much more on a single page.

Members can browse the calendar by Date, by Instructor, or by Class Type to find classes they’d like to attend and sync their bookings to their personal calendars with ease.

2. Booking and Attendance – Give Them More!

Your department may have booking requirements for classes, But you can take this a step further and let your members reserve their favorite spin cycle, a swim lane, a court, or just their preferred spot in Yoga class. Your members will be able to see their class layouts and choose as they please.

Through the Booking and Attendance feature, members can also book slots for family, friends, and other guests if permitted within their membership tier. If a class is fully booked, members can still opt to be put on a waitlist and notified if a spot opens up.

Your team can book spots, take a roll call, and mark attendance for members. You can access class performance analytics that display Bookings, Attendance, and No-Show reports which can help you make data-backed decisions about programming for your club and evaluate overall performance.

3. Automated Instructor Substitution And Payroll Sync – Save Time And Energy!

You can find instructors to sub for any of your group exercise classes with a single click. This eases your burden when you have an instructor who is suddenly unavailable for a scheduled class.

All they have to do is click on the “Request A Substitute” button which will trigger a pop notification to a pre-approved list of instructors and let them know that a substitute instructor is needed. Once an instructor volunteers to take over, depending on your set preferences, they are either directly assigned to the class or sent for approval to the department head who can give the final go-ahead.

Your club calendar and payroll reports will get updated automatically once the new instructor is assigned to a class. Leaving little room for any confusion with the members or your payroll team. All of this is doable with just a few clicks on the app. This ensures that you have time to focus on the big picture while your operation runs smoothly.

4. Feeds and Groups facilitate communication and community building

You can now send quick push notifications and emails straight from the app to various groups such as All members, All instructors, All directors, or Custom Groups created by you. This can be used for Class updates, weather updates, promotional/limited-time offers, and much more!

All communication – with instructors, other managers, staff, and members – can be facilitated within your app.

For example, the last thing a member wants to do is rush to class only to find out that their favorite instructor isn’t teaching that day. They didn’t know their instructor had been replaced or wasn’t available because of the lack of a communication channel.

You can simply send a push notification message or make an announcement that a specific instructor will be unavailable on a certain day. No manual texts and emails which take up hours. No flawed experiences. Easy and simple.

A Yoga instructor, for example, can create a special interest group on the app and have her yoga students participate in the community discussions, share milestones or useful information about her upcoming classes. Your instructor has the ability to build these communities right on the app to engage and create a sense of community among their clients.

5. On-Demand Video and Live Streaming

You can create a Netflix-like On-demand experience for all of your members and share your Group Exercise classes online. You can Limit these videos, price them or just make them available for free.

With Live Streaming on the Mobile App, your members can sign up for Live Classes that are streamed at the club from the calendar page. This was a timely feature for many of our clubs who were thrust into the new world of live streaming group exercise classes during Covid and many clubs continue to stream their classes for the members who choose to stay home, but still want to participate in the Group Classes.

“SHC was able to provide solutions for booking lap lanes and group exercise classes, and then helped us quickly jump into the new world of live steaming group exercise classes. It was something we needed quickly and they were able to deliver.”

Sandi Denniss

ProMedica ForeverFit

We’ve also introduced two-way conferencing for 1 on 1 personal training. Your members can now have access to their favorite trainer, book and pay for these sessions right on the app and keep being a part of your club from the comfort of their home.

Be it Group Exercise or any other part of the member experience, SHC is committed to delighting you and your members with improved member experiences, new channels of communication, and fresh sources of revenue.

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