Top MotionVibe Alternatives 2023

Top MotionVibe Alternatives 2023

If you want to automate administrative tasks at your Health Club, simplify operations and improve member engagement, MotionVibe is a pretty good Health Club Management Software.

However, if you want a more well-rounded solution that’s intuitive, offers revenue generation capabilities, has better features for your Group Exercise or Tennis department and strong customer support, there are other solutions that are a much better fit.

Whether you are using MotionVibe but not happy with it or simply researching alternatives, we have compiled a list for you of the best alternatives to MotionVibe out there.

Here are the best MotionVibe alternatives covered in this article:

  1. SHC
  2. Virtuagym
  3. Club Automation
  4. EGYM


SHC is a Member Retention Software for Full Service Health Clubs that can replace multiple apps that you may be using at your club. It’s designed to help you build lasting relations with members, expand non-dues and grow your revenue

If you are a full-service Health Club, SHC is the best MotionVibe alternative,and here’s why we say that.

Essential Solutions –

  • Web App – Your members have the flexibility to accomplish almost all of their tasks on the Web App.
  • Custom Branding – Make your app look like your club. Branded fonts, branded color palettes, and a rich customizable segment page with media elements for all services.
  • Club Social Network – Form a community like Mini Facebook at your club. Safely interact with other members. Send or schedule club updates including – closures, upcoming events, etc.
  • Calendar – A Rich calendar functionality is available with integrations across web and mobile. There are separate calendars for each department. You can sort classes by date, name, and instructor.

Features to elevate your member experience & makes life easier for your staff

  • Booking and Attendance – Members can book a spot, bike, or any other equipment in a Fee based or Free class. You can set up booking policies according to department or class and limit the number of bookings. Get class performance analytics that includes – No show reports, Booking, and Attendance.
  • On-Demand Video – The easiest way to stay in touch with your customers and support them at all times – Give access to high-quality content from their own favorite trainers. A comprehensive Les Mills On Demand Video directory of exercises are available for members and protected behind a paywall. Convert live stream videos automatically to on-demand videos.
  • Instructor Sub and Payroll – Take back time for your Group Ex Directors. Simplify and automate the Instructor Sub Process and save upto USD 330 per month! Calendar and Payroll are automatically updated after instructor substitution. In case the first request was not fulfilled you can re-request a sub.

Advanced Revenue Generation Solutions

  • Revenue Generation– “Promote” and “Sell” simultaneously with zero friction on the Club App using our Marketing Campaigns and Purchases solutions.
  • Purchases – Place classes, summer camps, clinics – anything- behind a paywall. Run purchases through Stripe or a Billing Company. Monetize ALL your plans, offerings, and services through our Purchases solution. Facilitate differential pricing -duration, package, number of sessions, membership tiers/types. Sell personalized fitness training plans and diet plans to clients.
  • Marketing Campaigns – increase member engagement and revenue through your existing members. Create your own campaigns with just a few clicks or use templates.

Segment your members & send targeted messages across many channels such as Emails, and Push Notifications.

Make purchases friction-free with CTAs and Deep Links that lead to the page where the member can buy a product/service.

Robust Tennis Module

  • Smart Scheduling – List available Tennis courts and clinics. Let members schedule bookings as per the court availability. The Court/Pro bookings and calendars are updated in real-time with no delays. Reduces dependence on the front desk.
  • Book a Court and Match Arranging – Members can pick a court, and usage duration, and invite partners from the club to join them using push notifications. The app can find partners for you with our Match Arranging feature. It ensures that the players find similarly ranked players and arrange matches for them. It can also split court fees among all court users automatically.
  • Hire Pros – Some members may require services, and training that only a professional can provide. Our software allows members to hire a Tennis Pro they prefer, make the payment, and set up an appointment at a court available, using the app.
  • Showcase Events and Targeted Marketing – You can use Banners on the App to promote a new Clinic. Our Marketing Campaigns Solution is completely integrated with the Tennis solution.

Effective Nutrition Plans

Members can purchase and follow Nutrition Plans using SHC’s Nutrition Counseling feature. A comprehensive grocery list can be generated automatically on the basis of your nutrition plan. Scan a packaged food to log it easily.

Customer Support and Onboarding

  • Customer Support – SHC provides the best customer support you can ever find. You will have 24*7 tech support available throughout and an extremely responsive team to assist with all your queries.
  • Onboarding – A well-defined 6-week Onboarding Process with weekly check-in calls and reverse shadowing.

Pricing Plans

Avail everything you need to supercharge your member experience and generate more revenue at a fixed monthly price, starting from just $169/month You can upgrade your membership plan or cancel at any time. There is NO LOCK IN period! Click here to know more about our pricing plans.

Unlike other solutions, SHC focuses on member retention and revenue generation specifically for full-service Health Clubs. So, if you are a full-service Health Club, and especially if you are a multi-location club or gym, you don’t need to look further than SHC for your Health Club requirements.

Client reviews

Click here to read reviews from our customers.

How does SHC compare to MotionVibe?


Virtuagym is a fitness software that offers tools for business management, coaching, and Lead Management.

It can be used in different types of fitness facilities such as – Fitness studios, Gym Chains, Boxing and Martial Arts, Yoga, Pilates & Dance, Rowing, and Indoor Cycling.


  • Management – Virtuagym offers an all-in-one management system to aid you with managing all aspects of membership. It can assist with Task Management, Membership Management, Payment Processing, Access Control, and Point of Sale. Some key features associated with the above include – Online Member Registration, Integrated Credit System, Flexible Membership Packages, and Retention Dashboard among others.
  • Complete Coaching Software – Virtuagym’s coaching software can help with health tracking, membership management, and scheduling. They also provide advertisement options for in-app purchases.
  • Food App and Nutrition Coaching – The Nutrition Coaching and Food app give members many options that can be customized per their goals and dietary requirements. Members can also log exercises, and update daily intake information and their fitness goals.
  • Training Plan and Progress Tracking – The Workout Editor of Virtuagym can form detailed workout plans for members. The metrics are made available to all and one can view the trends instantly to track the progress. Statistics are provided on the dashboard and are easy to read.
  • Member Engagement – The Community and Groups feature of Virtuagym helps to optimize the communication strategy with multiple channels. The feature assists to foster a community among members of a Health Club. This, in turn, can aid with an active member base. Virtuagym provides detailed questionnaires for onboarding, evaluation, etc. This can help to create a repository of member information. These results can be quickly accessed through the member profile when required.
  • Retention Planner – Do a deep dive into members’ demographics such as – upcoming bookings, the total number of check-ins, and classes attended. Start tracking the behavior of members and map the associated risks to reduce churn. Take action proactively and send invites to the members personally before they are about to cancel.
  • Lead Management – Converting leads into members is a key focus for all clubs. With Virtuagym’s Lead Management, keep track of prospective members and focus all sales & marketing efforts accordingly.
  • Scheduling Software – Track attendance and revenue with the scheduling software of Virtuagym. The simplified scheduling software can track attendance, optimize class scheduling, and automate reminders and booking confirmation. It saves many hours of time otherwise spent on administrative tasks, cancellations, and phone calls. Furthermore, members can join waiting lists and if a spot opens up they will be notified instantly.

How does Virtuagym compare to MotionVibe as a Competitor?

Club Automation

Club Automation is a software solution provider for health clubs and athletic industries. It offers – a web-based solution, digital marketing, and member engagement.


  • Club Management Software –
    • Easy Member Management – The Member Management Database can assist to convert nonmembers to members with the appropriate sales strategy. The data stored can range from – Membership type, Contact information, Billing information, Contracts, and E-signatures among others.
    • Front Desk Management – The Front Desk Management software, can give a seamless check-in experience for all club members. Members will have account notifications for special offers that are available to them. Another useful option that can be set up is allowing your members 24*7 facility access with just a barcode on their smartphones.
    • Seamless Scheduling – The scheduling software on Club Automation takes care of several aspects of scheduling such as – Attendance Tracking, Class and Program Scheduling, and automation.
    • Full Picture Reporting – The interactive reporting and analytics dashboard can provide over 75 types of reports. Gain insights into every aspect of the club’s operations. Filters can be used on the basis of membership type, length of membership, age, etc.
  • Mobile App –
    • Member Access Portal – Members can access the entire range of membership options that include – editing profiles, viewing statements, registering for classes, and reviewing check-in history.
    • Member Management Software Integration – The Mobile App is completely integrated with Club Automation’s Club Management software. Any updates in club information, class schedules, etc will be updated in real-time on the member mobile app.
    • Social Media Connection – There is a sharing option provided that allows members to share registration links directly on social media, emails, etc. Members can also market classes for the club and invite prospective members to sign up.
    • Automated Confirmations & Promote Events and Offers – Send updates on confirmation to members the minute they complete their booking for a tennis court, pool lane, etc. Improve revenue by marketing to specific groups about special offers and new programs.
    • Facility Access – Give members the flexibility of choosing from a range of key card options that include traditional swipe cards, proximity cards, and key fobs. Alternatively, Health Clubs can even go cardless by providing members an option to input their unique barcode. With Club Automation you can decide who can enter and when directly from a mobile app or online portal. Gain all vital information with our data analytics that will give you any detail needed around door entry.

How does Club Automation compare to MotionVibe as a Competitor?


EGYM provides workout solutions in relation to an ecosystem of connected gym equipment and software.


  • Smart Scaling – This feature can be utilized by gyms without trainers and only a few staff members. Smart Scaling is configured individually as per requirements. This creates more time for staff members to focus on other challenges in the gym.
  • Smart Coaching – The Smart Coaching option from EGYM can be used to motivate members – beginners and advanced – throughout their fitness journey. This solution can also assist with making workflows more efficient and improve member retention simultaneously.

Smart Coaching also aids in improving the quality of service provided at the club and justifies the premium fees charged. Furthermore, the solution can be tailored according to the needs of the club and its members.


  • Smart Cardio – The EGYM Smart Cardio gives a personalized cardio training plan for each member that can be tailored to their individual requirements. The Smart Cardio devices are also integrated with EGYM technology and can guide members effectively on parameters like – incline, speed, or resistance – to meet their fitness goals. All the data can be documented and analyzed on the Member and Trainer App. The Smart Cardio Partner devices can provide live feedback to members.
  • Smart Flex – The EGYM Smart Flex machines can provide flexibility training in a smart manner to all members. It can adjust its settings automatically to the member’s requirements and indicate the time for rest and exercise, through light and vibrations. This is suitable for all age groups. The equipment supports holistic muscle length training. Further, members can measure and comprehend their success when they view the interpretation of EGYM Bioage Flexibility value.
  • Fitness Hub – EGYM Fitness Hub enables quick onboarding, continuous motivation, and optimal member care. It facilitates efficient and touchless onboarding and an automatic adjustment of all the EGYM machines. There are precise tests that can detect incorrect movements. The Fitness hub keeps members motivated and can also aid instructors through recheck and onboarding. It provides tangible progress updates directly to members on the training floor.
  • Smart Strength – The Smart Strength feature of EGYM provides personalized workouts for different members based on their experience and fitness levels. There are two different interfaces available for beginners and experts. The EGYM Bar is for achieving optimal performance and steady progression for experts. Whereas the EGYM curve is for beginners to perform exercises in a safe and correct manner. Smart Strength can be used across the entire floor of the gym.

How does EGYM compare against MotionVibe as a Competitor?

In Summary

While there are plenty of options for you to consider a Health Club Management Software, we would strongly urge you to look out for evidence-based claims and solutions that help you with managing all aspects of your club. SHC offers a Revenue Generation and Member Retention software that meets your requirements and is backed up with exemplary service and support..

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