Want to target every member with laser-focused marketing campaigns?

Want to target every member with laser-focused marketing campaigns?

Do you struggle to reach your target customers? Are you able to create momentum with your new members with custom onboarding campaigns? Do you want to track what your members love at your club?

As a Health Club, you want to understand your members better – their likes, dislikes, habits and behaviors. And, you want to sell your amenities to them based on that.

Our newest Digital Marketing Solution is a big step in this direction.

The big picture is revenue generation.

Our goal with SHC has always been to create a complete revenue generation platform for Health Clubs. A software where you can complete all three stages of revenue generation – Targeted Marketing, Selling and Fulfillment.

A software where you can first target your customers and market to them on multiple channels. Then you can sell your classes, services and products on the same software. And finally, your members get to experience these classes, services and products through this software. From start to end, one software for your revenue generation.

We have had the second and third stage of this process covered. You can sell anything on our platform, and your members can experience it on our platform. Now what we are doing is launching the first stage of this process – Digital Marketing – targeted Marketing on multiple channels.

There is no dearth of Digital Marketing softwares available online – Hubspot, Constant Contact, MailChimp, and more. These are highly functional software platforms – widely used across all industries.

So why did we decide to build our own Digital Marketing software?

Simply put – our Digital Marketing Solution is for the Health Club niche – the first of its kind. And we say this because a lot of Digital Marketing tools target prospective members. We are targeting your current member base – to improve their member experience, and hopefully grow revenue for the clubs. You can market across multiple channels as well – posts and push notifications.

But, why do you even need this? Hear from Dylan Bennett, the Regional Marketing Director at Mesa Fitness, Colorado and Gold’s Gym, Montrose.

“Having the ability to specifically target niche members within our clubs based on interests, class attendance, working with trainers/coaches, in-club purchases, etc. without a ton of front-end manual work would make life so much easier. Even if it weren’t to communicate to try and boost revenue, but to simply communicate and build the member experience, it could revolutionize how we connect with our members.”

What are the limitations of the current Digital Marketing Softwares?

  • Limited Targeting Options – If you are using a non club specific tool, you would have to export your member list from your member management software and manually create interest-based member lists. You have to maintain that list as well.
  • Friction in CTA – The user needs to fill out forms, and fulfillment is done manually by the club staff. In many cases the user may not end up filling up these forms, and your data is skewed by that. Additionally, you may be offering some complimentary sessions/classes to your members – this has to be inputted manually right now.
  • Limited Messaging Options – You also have limited messaging options – limited to mostly email. No posts, no push notifications.
  • Fragmented Analytics – The data from your campaigns may be fragmented right now. If you are using a few different softwares for marketing, you are not getting the full picture in terms of data anywhere.

Overall, these limitations get in the way of organizing a cohesive marketing effort towards your members. Your members are not getting an idea of how they can maximize their experience at your Health Club.

Let us deep dive into the functionality of our Digital Marketing Platform.

Target your Members

Picture this: you have started a new Zumba class at your Club. You want to market this class to the members that have booked a Zumba class before. Now you have the ability to build a full campaign – emails, posts, push notifications targeted to these exact members. Deep link the booking link directly in the notification/post/email.

Our platform gives you the ability to target your members by:

  • All members
  • Members who have joined certain interest groups
  • Members who have attended certain classes
  • Purchased certain services or products
  • Hired service providers
Onboard New Members

You want to onboard your new members. Let them know about all the amenities they can take advantage of. Set up multiple messages to be sent to them in their first month – informational messages, messages with CTAs, complimentary classes, trials, free fitness plans or your virtual offerings.

Upsell to your Members

You may want your lower tier members to upgrade their membership. Set up a campaign with multiple messages targeted to these members. You could send them CTAs for the following:

  • Book a higher tier Group Exercise class
  • Book higher tier services (recovery services)
  • Access higher tier virtual offerings
  • Purchase higher tier membership
Create Groups for your Service Providers

What about your service providers? Your trainers, dieticians, coaches, pros? They can create their own service provider group and send messages to their clients – with CTAs or without. They can send workout tips, videos, and any new classes they are offering. These messages can be created by your service providers or your fitness director – we leave that choice up to you.

Track your Data

As a club, you need your marketing efforts to be unified as much as possible. Tracking across several amenities, classes, trainers and more is already a challenge. You should have the ability to see all this on one platform. And guess what? We already have all the data that you need to do targeted marketing. We track member info, their bookings, their plans, how often they come in, how long they have been members and so much more. No manual input for your staff.

The best part? We provide this functionality to you for free with our Base Platform. We think this is so integral, we want all our clubs to have it. Interested in learning more?

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